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Whether you are a school looking for a one-off workshop to enthuse your students, or a massive national organisation looking to create a space-themed event or outreach program, Launch Access have the experience to deliver it.

We offer CanSat kits for you to build your own experiment in, along with launch services for them. We also offer hands on workshops for rockets and spaceflight


Are you looking to develop an outreach project for your company or organisation? Do you want to bring 'space' into the curriculum of your region's schools?

Launch Access Ltd have a vast wealth of experience in the development of larger scale projects, competitions and events related to space and rockets and are available to offer consultancy on these projects.


Do you want to 'launch' your product in a way that really grabs the headlines or show just how tough your product really is?

Whether it's an actual aerospace product that requires certification or a bottle of 'rocket-fuel' strength hot-sauce, Launch Access Ltd can secure flight of your product on a rocket travelling through the sound barrier and even into space

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