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About us

Launch Access ltd are a small but rapidly growing space sector service company based in Norfolk in the east of England. Founded in 2021 by rocketry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Ben Jarvis, the company is already expanding with a second office due to open shortly.

In addition to the 32 years and 2000+ launches worth of experience held by CEO Ben Jarvis, Launch Access Ltd also utilises the freelance skills of several other highly experienced rocketry and space-sector veterans who, between them, give the company a combined 100+ years of launch and space-business experience.

It is our belief that the UK has lagged behind the rest of the world in that our students, researchers and inventors have not had access to rocket launch and space flight capability. We believe that a combination of small-scale domestic launch capability coupled with proven 3rd party suborbital launch utilised for immediate access to the space environment is the optimum way to service this growing market quickly and economically.



  • Our staff have launched over 2500 rockets between them

  • The company owns more than 50 reusable rockets

  • Our staff are ALL Level 2 or higher certified Range Safety Officers

  • The company owns several complete portable launch systems for rockets up to 50kg Gross Launch Mass

  • Our staff have experience launching from over 30 launch sites, ranges and spaceports across three continents


Ben Jarvis - CEO and founder of Launch Access Ltd

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