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Education and Launch Consultancy

Educational Consultancy:

Launch Access Ltd founder and CEO Ben Jarvis has been involved in space-sector education for over a quarter of a century. Having worked on educational projects for aerospace companies, national agencies, major museums and regional education trusts, Ben has a solid understanding of the learning outcomes and delivery requirements of larger scale space themed educational projects. This educational understanding is also uniquely backed up by over thirty years of engineering and launch experience working through/for rocket development companies, product development companies and spaceports, giving Ben the ability to develop and deliver projects that are technically accurate and also feed directly into the training and recruitment needs of the real space sector.

Launch Access Ltd are now very pleased to offer consultancy services related to the development of educational outreach projects. Whether you are a regional educational trust keen to add space to your curriculum in a way that will allow for a higher number of students entering the growing UK space sector from your region, or a major aerospace company looking to build a new outreach competition to engage with thousands of young people nationwide, we can help you achieve your goals.

Email us to discuss your project or your needs.

Launch Consultancy:

In addition to our educational work, Launch Access Ltd have a wealth of experience in launch as well, from launch vehicle design and development programs, through design and development of propulsion test facilities, to negotiating the new legislative environment for all types of launch in the UK.

Whatever aspect of the launch sector you work in, if you have a requirement for advice or additional manpower from highly experienced people who have 'been there and done that' before, we can provide you with that hard-to-find practical experience and expertise. Email us to discuss your specific needs.

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