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Product Test and Promotion

Promotional Space Launch:

Whether you have a new product that needs to be proven to be incredibly rugged or are just looking for a marketing option that sets your brand apart in a crowded marketplace... launching your product into space can give you the PR result you need.

Whilst other companies offer PR flights for products on high altitude balloons to around 30km in altitude, pretending to have sent them 'to space', Launch Access Ltd can ACTUALLY take your product above the Internationally recognised boundary of space at 100km, and you will be surprised at how cheaply it can be done.

With pricing starting at just £2400 for small products and with flights roughly every six months and available immediately on a proven launch service, email us now to book your product on a real space flight.

Branded Rocket Launch:

If you are looking for a promotional event with more scope for large scale branding then we also offer fully client branded rocket launch options in the UK.

Imagine your company OWNING a sleek, reusable 12ft tall rocket, professionally painted in your company colours and bearing your company or product branding. Imagine inviting your clients and guests to watch that rocket roar into the sky carrying your product samples on board, then recovering via parachute when you can then give out those rocket-flown samples to your guests.

Costs for a branded rocket launch start from just £1200. Email us to discuss this option and what it could do for your brand.

Aerospace Flight Testing:

As the space industry grows in the UK, so does the need for products of all kinds to be tested and proven in a real space environment. Whether you are developing electronic components that you hope to sell into the satellite manufacturing market or are looking to prove that a release mechanism operates correctly in a microgravity environment, it is now possible to quickly and cheaply buy access to a short duration suborbital space flight to carry out these tests.

With prices for flight testing smaller components starting at just £2400, a suborbital flight could in fact be both a more thorough AND a cheaper way to qualify a new space product than traditional ground-testing. Please email us to discuss your needs.

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